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10 MST18104
13 MST18134
15 MST18154
  • ㆍRecommended torque : 25Ncm
10 MST25104
13 MST25134
15 MST25154
  • ㆍImplant to be used for the immediate mounting of temporary prosthesis for completely or partially edentulous patients
  • ㆍNeck designed for path compensation and intensity support
  • ㆍSimple system to make temporary prosthesis using titanium provisional caps and lab analogs
  • ㆍProvisional cap facilitating prosthetic work on the chairside
  • ㆍRectangular structure to connect a driver to the bottom of the neck, thereby facilitating removal
  • ㆍOptimized design of body, thread, and drilling to enhance initial bonding and bone penetration
  • ㆍPacking unit : MS Implant (Provisional)
  • ㆍRecommended torque : 30Ncm
  • ㆍMake an MS Implant (provisional) abutment of the oral cavity on a working model
  • ㆍPacking unit : Lab Analog