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D ø2.5
  2.5 4.0
10 MSP25103R MSP25104R
11.5 MSP25113R MSP25114R
13 MSP25133R MSP25134R
15 MSP25153R MSP25154R
D ø3.0
  2.5 4.0
10 MSP30103R MSP30104R
11.5 MSP30113R MSP30114R
13 MSP30133R MSP30134R
15 MSP30153R MSP30154R
  • ㆍImplant adequate for narrow space such as the mandibular anterior jaw
  • ㆍFixture and abutment in one enabling support against masticatory pressure; micro thread design enhances the distribution of masticatory force
  • ㆍRBM surface design for quick osseointegration
  • ㆍOptimized shape and size of abutment enabling cutting-free prosthetic work
  • ㆍOptimal design of body, thread, and drilling to enhance initial boding and bone penetration
  • ㆍPacking unit : MS Implant (Narrow ridge)
  • ㆍRecommended torque : 30Ncm
  • ㆍUse for precise impression work
  • ㆍIn case of non-modification of abutments : after taking an impression using an impression cap, make the prosthesis after creating a model using an analog
  • ㆍIn case of modification of abutment height only: after taking an impression using an impression cap, create a model using an analog and make the prosthesis by modifying the model shape according to the modification of abutment
  • ㆍPacking unit : Impression Coping
  • ㆍUse for making temporary prosthesis
  • ㆍOne-touch locking design
  • ㆍPacking unit : Temporary Cap (Narrow ridge)
  • ㆍMake an MS Implant (narrow ridge) abutment of the oral cavity onto a working model
  • ㆍPacking unit : Lab Analog