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We design optimal implants for shape variables based on simulations of the stress-dispersing effect, which is a major factor behind bone loss.
We are conducting R&D to improve the speed and intensity of osteointegration between alveolar bones and implant surfaces through the application of titanium, showing excellent bio-compatibility, based on our accumulated physical and chemical research data.
We are committed to ensuring product safety by removing residuals including organic contaminants with an automatic washing and control system invented in-house, and verify the results through periodic process validation and product lot testing.
We conduct fatigue tests according to the ISO14801 standard and static mechanical testing including tensile force, compressive stress and fracture load in order to ensure the long-term credibility of our products.
We thoroughly verify the efficacy of our newly developed products as well as those on the market through various animal tests and clinical tests.
The excellent quality of our products has been demonstrated through various international accreditations including certification by the U.S. FDA (K011879), quality certification by the EU (CE0434), and certification of our quality management system by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 13485, ISO 9001).