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Implant education through unified approach of gingival, surgical & prosthetic concepts. Understanding the principle of implant & various exercises are conducted
Part 1 ∙ Introduction of the course   ∙ Surgical anatomy for implant
∙ Bone biology   ∙ Bone graft materials
∙ Autogenic bone graft technique   ∙ Bone graft technique for peri-implant bone defect
Part 2 ∙ GBR technique   ∙ Critical principles for successful GBR
∙ Types and characteristics of resorbable/non-resorbable membranes
∙ Ridge expansion & split technique
∙ Technical considerations for successful ridge expansion & split, potential problems and solutions
∙ GBR technique in pig jaw   ∙ Ridge expansion & split technique in pig jaw
Part 3 ∙ Prosthetic considerations for the implant treatment procedure I
  - Considerations for prosthetic factors during pre-surgical examination
  - Concepts of top-down implant restoration
  - Temporary prosthesis during the post-surgical healing period
∙ Prosthetic considerations for the implant treatment procedure II
  - Timing of taking an impression and basic concepts for impression
  - Impression techniques for anterior esthetic implants
Part 4 ∙ Prosthetic considerations for the implant treatment procedure III
  - Types of errors that occur during impression and their prevention
  - Impression technique using a customized impression cap
Part 5 ∙ Prosthetic considerations for the implant treatment procedure IV
  - Bite registration is as important as the impression
  - Designing an implant supra-structure for long-term stability, and selection criteria for occlusal surface materials
  - Solutions for problems that occur during prosthetic installation / Practical guidance for the occlusal adjustment procedure
Part 6 ∙ Consulting technique for completely edentulous patients
  - Problems that occur during the maintenance stage and solutions ∙ Implant treatment planning for completely edentulous patients   - Diagnostic procedure for treatment planning in completely edentulous patients   - Selection criteria for a support system for an implanted over-denture
Part 7 ∙ Periodontal treatment for Implant patients
  - Introduction - Basic concept for periodontal disease
  - Treatment of chronic periodontitis
  - Patient management and complication control after treatment
Part 8 ∙ Esthetic perio treatment & Mucogingival surgery
  - Technique for ensuring the periodontal condition is suitable for a prosthesis
  - Concepts for mucogingival surgery
  - About various flap manage (full/partial thickness flap/coronally positioned flap)
Part 9 ∙ GBR technique
∙ Considerations in selecting bone graft materials and barrier membranes
∙ Incision design and flap manage technique
∙ Suture technique
∙ Sinus lift VS sinus graft
Part 10 ∙ Soft tissue management technique for implant
∙ Soft Tissue Management for submerge situation
∙ Soft Tissue Management for non Submerge situation
∙ Soft Tissue Management for advanced GBR ∙ Soft tissue manage for immediate implantation
∙ Soft tissue manage for 2nd surgery
∙ Implant maintenance and treatment of peri-implantitis ∙ Pig jaw practice
Part 11 ∙ Diagnostic factors for esthetic implant restoration ∙ Choosing installation timing: immediate vs. delayed
∙ Choosing surgical type: flapless vs. flap
  - decision-making criteria, benefits of and precautions to be taken with the flapless method, and an incision method for flap surgery
∙ Precautions in positioning, angle, interval of installation, and drilling
∙ Implant standards of selection ∙ 2nd surgery technique
∙ Importance of provisional restoration ∙ Emergence profile
∙ Final impression technique ∙ Selection criteria for abutment and final prosthesis
Part 12 ∙ Live Surgery demonstration
∙ Block bone graft technique
∙ Block bone graft in pig jaw
Part 13 ∙ Esthetic management