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Establish the basic of implant prosthetics, & obtain the complete skills including diagnosis, treatment planning & surgery for the prosthetics recovery
Part 1 ∙ Diagnosis and treatment planning of a fixed prosthesis for partially or completely edentulous jaw
∙ Choice of number and positioning of installation
∙ Characteristics of US / SS / GS / TS systems and selection guidelines
Part 2 ∙ Regional characteristics of oral anatomy (maxilla, mandible, anterior area and molar area) and
  considerations regarding their implantation
∙ Optimal implant positioning, and choosing the length and diameter of implants
∙ Principles of and practical guidance on impressions for implantation
∙ Hands-on training of implant installation: Installing 8 implants using completely edentulous dentiform
Part 3 ∙ Abutment selection (biological, mechanical, clinical considerations)
∙ Principles and strategy of loading timing (conventional / early / immediate)
∙ Fixture level impression, tissue model (Hands-on)
Part 4 ∙ Bite registration
∙ Provisional restoration
∙ Try-in and delivery of implant restorations
∙ Design of an implant prosthesis (from the perspective of clinical medicine, dental technique, and
∙ Bite registration for full arch restoration (Hands-on)
∙ MS implant installation and immediate restoration (Hands-on)
Part 5 ∙ Articulation of an implanted prosthesis
∙ Prevention of and solutions to screw-loosening
∙ Anterior esthetic implant restoration
∙ Hands-on training: Connection of abutment and delivery of prosthesis using a dentiform
Part 6 ∙ Consulting technique for completely edentulous patients
∙ Proper implant treatment planning for completely edentulous patients
∙ Therapeutic effect of an anterior implantation using a fixed prosthesis combined with conventional RPD
  in the molar area
Part 7 ∙ Temporary prosthesis during the post-implant healing period
  (in partially or completely edentulous patients)
∙ Types of supporting function in an implant over-denture
∙ Types of supporting devices for implant over-dentures and considerations for choosing the proper device I
∙ Hands-on training on impression using a clear model installed with 4 US implants (4.0*11.5mm)
∙ Hands-on training on O-ring attachment
∙ G-masking/Master model fabrication (Homework)
∙ Making a wax denture and silicone index (Homework)
Part 8 ∙ Types of supporting device for implant over-denture and considerations on choosing a proper device II -
  Bar type attachment
∙ Case presentation
Part 9 ∙ Types of error and prevention of their occurrence during the impression-taking procedure
∙ Implant over-denture using a magnetic attachment
∙ Long-term problems according to the connection types of implant prostheses and measures for
  resolving them
∙ Hands-on training: Evaluation of wax denture and silicone index
∙ Hands-on training: Abutment selection
∙ Abutment selection (Hands-on)
∙ Making a milled bar using a non-precious metal (Homework)
∙ Making metal housing (rider) and a metal framework (Homework)
∙ Rearrangement of artificial teeth (Homework)
Part 10 ∙ Utilization of UCLA abutment
∙ Implant full mouth rehabilitation-how to minimize stress both to the patient and the surgeon
∙ Hands-on training: Evaluation of milled bar over-denture