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Education on variety of practice & concept education regarding the soft & hard tissue are conducted
Part 1 ∙ Introduction of the course
∙ Bone Biology
∙ Understanding the process of bone healing and its application to the healing process in implantation
∙ Bone graft materials
∙ Autogenic bone graft technique
∙ Bone graft technique for peri-implant bone defect
Part 2 ∙ GBR technique
∙ Critical principles for successful GBR
∙ Types and characteristics of resorbable/non-resorbable membranes
∙ Technical tips for successful ridge expansion and split
∙ GBR technique in pig jaw (Hands-on)
∙ Ridege expansion & split technique in pig jaw (Hands-on)
Part 3 ∙ Application of implantation to patients with chronic periodontitis
∙ Basic concept for periodontal disease
∙ Treatment of chronic periodontitis
Part 4 ∙ Pre-prosthetic management of gingiva
∙ Technique for making periodontal conditions suitable for prostheses
  (Crown lengthening procedure, a technique for anterior esthetic implant restoration)
∙ Being adapted to CTG, APF, FGG each
∙ Concepts for mucogingival surgery
∙ Variety of flap management
  (Full/partial thickness flap, apically/coronally positioned flap)
∙ Pedicle graft and CT graft
Part 5 ∙ How to minimize GBR complications
  - Basic concept of GBR
  - Basic concept of GBR
  - Classification of defects
  - Considerations in selecting bone graft materials and barrier membranes
∙ How to deal with inflammation of the implant-abutment interface
  - Etiology of peri-implantitis
  - Treatment of peri-implantitis
Part 6 ∙ Practice guide concerning technique for soft tissue management
  - Soft Tissue Management for submerge situation
  - Soft Tissue Management for non submerge situation
∙ For beautiful and durable anterior implantation
  - Choosing installation timing: immediate vs. delayed
  - Choosing surgery type: flapless vs. flap
Part 7 ∙ Block bone graft technique
∙ Block bone graft in model
∙ Live surgery demonstration
∙ Case presentation
Part 8 ∙ Advanced Surgical techniques for implant
∙ Immediate implant placement after extraction
  - Which is the best time of implant placement after extraction
∙ Immediate loading
  - Fundament of immediate loading
  - Methods of immediate loading
  - Practical guidelines
∙ Flapless Surgery
  - Scientific base of flapless surgery
  - Surgical technique of flapless surgery with clinical cases
∙ Anterior esthetics
  - Three-dimensional integration of implant position