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To Be The World's Best Dental Implant Education Institute

  • - Implementing global implant education programs and sharing the latest information and
  • - Providing local and international academic events regularly. (OSSTEM WORLD MEETING,
  • - Providing an on-line education system with various clinical cases which are accessible to
      every dental professionals across the globe. (www.AICimplant.com)

Contribution to the improvement of implant clinical knowledge and treatment level in the global dental world

Since 2001, OSSTEM Implant has been operating AIC, a world-class implant clinical training institute. It provides systematic implant training to dentists, thereby significantly contributing to the establishment and popularization of global implant surgeries. Backed by well-planned research and accumulated know-how, best lecturers, and systematic training program, AIC supports all dentists worldwide in their efforts to obtain implant clinical knowledge and perform flawless implant surgeries.

The company intends to improve the quality of implants continuously, activate the global AIC operation, and expand its global production and sales system; thus solidifying its status as a world-class implant maker by pursuing various differentiated marketing strategies.

Professional and systematic implant clinical training system

AIC is equipped with professional seminar rooms, various training materials, and other advanced training facilities. It operates professional implant training programs on a permanent basis covering theories and practices ranging from fundamental concepts to various practices, implant operation on actual patients, and mounting of prosthesis.

Superiority of AIC training programs

AIC provides the world’s best training in every corner of the world through its global network. Professional lecturers with unquestionable authority from each country provide training and support implant surgeries at AIC training centers operating in major countries worldwide.

AIC provides opportunities for various practices using the best training materials and equipment. AIC operates superior-quality practice equipment including the best training materials independently developed by AIC, implants for practice, and motor and kits for operation. Trainees can experience various practices such as tracing, stent, and dentiform under the careful guidance of professional lecturers and with the support of professional staff.

AIC practices live surgery on actual patients. AIC performs implant surgeries directly on actual patients under the guidance of the director who provides support to ensure full success from the surgery to the mounting of prosthesis.

Trainees enjoy systematic support even after the training is completed. If necessary, one may request for lecturers’ on-site teaching and surgery support after the training. By operating an online training system (AICimplant.com), AIC continuously provides the latest implant clinical knowledge even after the training.